Close your eyes and imagine: We are sitting together at a big table. We laugh, reminisce. The smell of the sea. Everything is right. Everything makes sense.

42 is the supercomputer’s answer to the question of the meaning of life in Douglas Adam’s novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A vague answer – even after several million years of computing time. Will we find out more? What makes life meaningful? 42 people have shared with us their very personal answers. We play them on.

Wild and poetic, loud and quiet, between dissonance and harmony, the international ensemble moves on an oversized playground where anything is possible and anything can happen.

What is really important? How do we use the short time we have left in this world? How do we make a difference? More and more fervently, we are searching for answers. No wonder – after all we have experienced in the last months! No wonder – in view of current wars and destruction! No wonder – in view of all the shocks to which our lives are exposed.

Because imagine, we wake up and everything was in vain….

Choreography Tobias Spori
Direction Ann Katrin Cooper
Music Carla Wierer
Light  Patrick Etterlin
Set Design Ann Katrin Cooper & Tobias Spori
Construction Set Design Sam Neff
Costumes Elina Kim
Outside Eye Vanessa Cook
Dance Egon Gerber, Elina Kim, Giulia Tornarolli, Victor Rottier, Sebastian Zuber
Tour Companion Marianne Neff-Gugger
Video Kristian Breitenbach

Coproduction by POOL – Raum für Kultur, Walzhalle Münchenstein
With generous support from Kanton St.Gallen/Swisslos, Stadt St.Gallen, Kulturförderung Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Steinegg Stiftung, Bertold Suhner Stiftung, Dr. Fred Styger Stiftung, Metrohm Stiftung, Farner St.Gallen AG, Gemeinde Teufen, Ortsbürgergemeinde St.Gallen, Susanne und Martin Knechtli Kradolfer Stiftung, TW Stiftung, Johannes Waldburger Stiftung, Huber Suhner Stiftung, Tisca Tischhauser Stiftung, Arnold Billwiller Stiftung


We wait. And no longer know ourselves why we only hope idly that things will get better. Waiting.

NOW. Now we need to get up, leave the familiar space – the rigidity, the silence, the transit. We need visions for the future. Because we know: it can’t go on like this. What keeps us from thinking concretely and radically? And to act?

In NOW. figures, seemingly out of time, dare to sketch their ideas and visions for the world of tomorrow. Outside the already known and at the risk of being seen as dreamy and naïve.
They ask themselves: What could happen? They rethink values, they share their ideas, they sharpen the notions of what could be.

Choreography Tobias Spori & team
Dramaturgy Ann Katrin Cooper
Set Design Caroline Stark
Ligthdesign Tobias Spori
Sounddesign Ann Katrin Cooper & team
Light and Assistant Nicole Kobler
Video Kristian Breitenbach
Photography Cyrill Hertz
Producer pARTner

Dancers Egon Gerber, Elina Kim, Marco Rizzi, Giulia Tornarolli, William Hayibor Venous

Co-produced by POOL – Space for the arts


Based on the novel by James Joyce, the Panorama Dance Theater wanted to “wander” through the experiences of Leopold Blum with dancers*, actors and a musician. The narrative style is understood as an inspiration for the development of secondary cosmos, in which other times and spaces open up.
James Joyce consistently adheres to the stream of consciousness, the “stream of consciousness” and thus achieves the greatest possible proximity to the characters in his novel. Words and sentences are incomplete and themes change abruptly in the middle of a sentence. The thoughts of several people overlap, street noises or snippets of thoughts briefly penetrate consciousness, and everything blurs into a single impression. Following this narrative style, we will tell not one, but a wealth of stories…


Director Ann Katrin Cooper
Choreography Ann Katrin Cooper und Tobias Spori
Producer pARTner
Dancers Aurora Bonetti, Giulia Tornarolli, Jarek Kruczek, Kay Kysela, Tobias Spori


An interdisciplinary play by Brigitte Knapp

In a meritocratic society, you can’t have any flaws; you are responsible for ensuring that life runs smoothly.
But SHE has an invisible mental illness that affects the whole person and yet shows no recognizable wounds. The appeal not to behave hysterically is obvious.

SHADWOS deals with the overtaxing of our society with the topic of depression. Almost every fifth person suffers from depression in their life, but the disease is still suppressed and marginalized by those affected and society. The text explores the tension between the visible and the invisible, between hope and fatalism, between understanding and incomprehension, and in an interplay of light and shadow describes a state for which we often lack the words.

Dialogues and text surfaces alternate – an ideal playground for the combination of spoken theatre and dance.

Text Brigitte Knapp
Director Katja Langenbach
Choreography Ensemble
Co-Choreography Martina Marin

Setdesign & Video Caroline Stark
Music Martin E. Greil
Luka Oberhammer, 
Brigitte Walk, Konrad Hochgruber, Martin Carnevali
Dancers Anastasia Kostner, Tobias Spori
Technic & Lightdesign Jan Paul Wielander
Producer Ann Katrin Cooper

A co-production of Panorama Dance Theater mit, Westbahntheater Innsbruck, Tanzschmiede Meran


I’m like two shadows. Not here and not there. Like a wave in the sea.
Once it spits me over there, then there again.

GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME reports about homeland and loss of homeland. Three dancers and a musician become narrators who move in a constantly changing setting of realities. They give their voice to the stories of people who have been asked about their homeland.

With their bodies they go through their fractures and contradictions and set to music the question of why the concept of homeland is experiencing such a boom. Do we want to finally have our peace in a world with seemingly unlimited possibilities and know where we belong and who we are? Does a manageable space help us in which we know our way around and to which we feel we belong?

Between mountain village, global concepts of life, esape, language dilemma, traditions and the need for belonging, the realities of the interviewees move, which are the starting point for a physical, musical and picture-rich dance theatre evening.

Sometimes the performers appear as a dance group that waves in time with ¾, sometimes as a human loop station and sometimes as constructors of complex spaces. They focus on the human being and establish new artistic interpretations of what charges the concept of home with meaning.

What is there that triggers this sense of home? That’s what you’re used to seeing, the mountains are the same, the meadows are just as green as they were 20 years ago. The feeling that the whole thing will still be there when you are no longer there.

Artistic Direction Ann Katrin Cooper
 Ann Katrin Cooper und Tobias Spori
Sounddesign and Live-Music
 Jan F. Kurth, Freiburg i.Breisgau
Set Design and Costumes Caro Stark, Bregenz
Lightdesign Othmar Gerster, Bregenz
Production pARTner
Dance and Performance Jan F. Kurth, Tobias Spori, Rakesh Sukesh, Giulia Tornarolli
Coproduction Theater am Gleis Winterthur and Lokremise St.Gallen


Word acrobats, movement artists and sound manufacturers travel with the épisodes culturels through Switzerland. They stop at places they can’t get past: Libraries, swimming pools, museums, forest glades, churches, factories… No place is safe from them. They are inspired by the rooms, art and history and bring along from their repertoire the most brilliant stories, most exciting songs and most frenetic dances. Dialogues arise between spaces and the arts, between artists and the public and between artists and artists, in which all are reflected, reinforced and reinvented. A fresh look at things emerges, in a different way than before.

Curious, poetic, spectacular – and always to the point.

The épisodes culturels take place in changing spaces, which do not necessarily have to have a cultural background, but may have. The audience is invited to a change of perspective by breaking up the classical stage-spectator arrangement and opening up “new cultural spaces” and arrangements. épisodes culturels thus seeks real contact and intense moments between artist and audience.

Concept and Direction Ann Katrin Cooper
Projectmanagement Tobias Spori
Dance Tobias Spori, Joya Amélie Geiger, Vanessa Cook, Willi Brozmann, Son Le, Cecilia Wretemark, Jack Widdowson
Music Imelda Natter, Karl Schimke, Enrico Lenzin, David Maze, Marc Jenny, Greg Gates
Poetry/Acting Rosie Hörler, Marcus Schäfer
and many more…
Production pARTner
Supported by Kanton St.Gallen, Swisslos and City of St.Gallen