In our everyday life we are constantly surrounded by noise. The permanent noise level is already so much part of our lives that it is almost difficult for us to withstand this silence. The longer we stay at Fälensee, the more we become aware of the discrepancy between this place and our everyday life. We get involved and something changes: we perceive the silence differently, notice that it consists of much more than we were initially aware of. We hear the sound of the wind, cracking branches, the humming of flies, the splashing of water and begin to feel sounds our bodies make as part of the silence. We realize that the noise of the world often obscures our view of the essential. Our perception has already changed after a few hours in the mountains.

In the Site Specific Performance Echos the Panorama Dance Theater uses this great opportunity of the new, finer possibilities of perception. For this very special place a performance with dance, music and performance was created, which is inspired by him and reflects and contrasts him with the means of art. The landscape, its qualities and peculiarities are explored and worked with and in it. Echoes create images and stories that show and negotiate the complex relationship between us and our physical environment.

Artistic Direction and Choreography Ann Katrin Cooper & Tobias Spori
Producer Ann Katrin Cooper
Dance and Performance Sandra Klimek, Maurice Klemm, Emma Skyllbäck, Vanessa Cook, Manuela Kind
Tuba/Alphorn Karl Schimke
Drums Manuel Riederer
Voice Jordan Shanahan
Production pARTner

Supported by Lienhard-Stiftung, Pro Innerrhoden, Kanton St.Gallen