In the workshop the students, together with the dancer Tobias Spori and the director Ann Katrin Cooper, look for a theme or an idea that moves and fascinates them.

In 3-5 lessons they invent a story, develop movements and texts, try out props and costumes. The crowning finale is a performance in which ideas and talents find their place and to which parents, pupils and teachers are invited.

The students work as a team in which each individual is important and needed to realize all elements of a performance in the shortest possible time. They experience themselves as a class or school community in a new way, present what they have learned self-confidently and meet new challenges.

Team Ann Katrin Cooper und Tobias Spori

motion researcher (schools)

For a whole day or two half days, the movement forsher try out lustful movement sequences with ropes in the air and on the wall in age-mixed groups of 15 to 100 children. Under the guidance of professional dancers, who take care of the professional safety of the children, the children and young people learn how they can move in the air and use this new dimension. Afterwards a choreography will be practiced, which combines modern dance, jazz, hip hop and rope technique. This is performed at the end before the school community, the parents or in the context of a school event. The school will be provided with a video recording.

The offer should arouse and deepen the desire and curiosity for dance and movement, and promote the fun of movement.

The price depends on the number of participants and the duration. The following example is a proposal that can be individually adapted to the needs of the curriculum or group.

Team Bewegungsforscher Tobias Spori und Ann Katrin Cooper

Kulturkosmonauten-Training (young adults)

Due to the multiple demand of the young people who took part in a cultural cosmonaut workshop and who wished to continue the creative work, we have started the regular cultural cosmonaut training in the Talhof, Torstrasse 14, 9000 St.Gallen every Monday from 18:30 – 20h starting in 2019!

Participation in the training is free of charge and open to all cultural cosmonauts and their friends. It is conducted by various professional artist tandems. Previous knowledge is not necessary, one does not always have to participate.

Artists Changing tandems from the artist pool of Kulturkosmonauten
Project Management Ann Katrin Cooper and Pamela Dürr

workshop (teams)

For teams and organisations the Panorama Dance Theater offers workshops dedicated to the special needs and challenges of team building and teamwork. Experience has shown that it takes some effort to step out of the context of the usual content-related cooperation with one’s colleagues and to encounter each other in a completely different context – dance. This is the challenge and great opportunity for teams and groups. If it is possible to gain confidence and get out of the head and into the body, new perspectives can be gained, new cohesion can be experienced and practiced and thus the basis for a new feeling of togetherness can be reached.

The workshops are led by business and management coach Ann Katrin Cooper and dancer Tobias Spori and are individually designed according to the needs of your team.

Workshop Direction Ann Katrin Cooper and Tobias Spori

WATERLAND (choreographies)

The wind’s good, the stars are good. Something is brewing at Lake Constance. In Steinach. In the Middle Ages. The water spirits and mythical creatures have shore leave. Littoia wants to get a groom on the bottom of the lake. One like the new Gredmeister Mathis. He has his hands full, because the people are rumbling. Is it true that the monastery of St.Gallen is building the “Mariaberg” above Rorschach? What then is to become of the Steinachers and their harbour? When the storm finally breaks out, only one thing helps: schnapps. Until the end of this night of all nights no one knows exactly what is true and what is invented, what is dream and what is reality. “WasserLand – ein Sommernachts-Sturm” a piece of history with theatre, dance and music.

Text Paul Steinmann
Director Oliver Kühn
Musical direction Valentin Baumgartner
Choreography Ann Katrin Cooper and Tobias Spori
Stage design Stefan Kreier

Intercultural fashion show (choreographies)

18 women and men from ten nations worked out an intercultural fashion show on three afternoons, in which they presented clothes from their favourite countries to an enthusiastic audience.

Choreography Ann Katrin Cooper
Assistance Tobias Spori
By order of Café International, meeting point for people with and without migration background
Next date 05.03.2019, Open Church St.Gallen

Wonderland (choreographies)

For the national Wood Day we were commissioned by S. Müller Holzbau AG to choreograph short stories that took up the experiences of Alice in Wonderland and represented an exhilarating conclusion to a successful day.

We also choreograph your presentation, your theatre event or your occasion!

Choreografie Jonathan Huor, Ann Katrin Cooper, Tobias Spori
Tanz Jonathan Huor, Kizzy Garcia Vale, Sabrina Goetti, Mike Mächler, Tobias Spori