épisodes culturels is a series of events in which a group of artists from different disciplines present or reinterpret excerpts from their current work. The association with other, often foreign artists and the examination of their work should set new impulses. The artistic exchange can create new connections or set attractive contrasts. Together with the other artists, the artists develop a joint evening from the 10-15-minute episodes of their art, which gives space for the individual genres as well as spans a large arc between them. Where they inspire each other, there are overlaps and mergers. In this way, the series offers the public a diverse evening that creates new associations and access to various art forms.

The épisodes culturels take place in changing spaces, which do not necessarily have to have a cultural background, but may have. The audience is invited to a change of perspective by breaking open the classical stage-spectator arrangement and opening up new cultural spaces and arrangements. épisodes culturels thus seeks real contact and intense moments between artist and spectator.

Direction Ann Katrin Cooper and Tobias Spori
Dance Tobias Spori, Cecilia Wretemarck, Jasmin Hauck, Andrew Cummings, Jenna Hendry, Vanessa Cook, Rakesh Sukesh, Nelly Büttikofer, Konstantinos Kranidiotis, Tobias Graupner
Music Emma Skyllbäck, Raoul Alain Nagel, Greg Gates, Roberto Forno, Evelyn Pollock, Eva Maria Froidevaux, Willi Häne, Christine Hu, Marc Jenny, Ruhola Moradi, Enrico Lenzin, Jordan Shanahan, Sadio Cissokho, Emanuel Riederer, Yamoussa Sylla, Mariel Zambellis, Ivan Galluzzi
Text/Acting Pierre Lippuner, Mia Ackermann, Tim Kalhammer-Loew, Peter Grünenfelder, Tobias Graupner, Luzian Hirzel, Oliver Losehand, Philipp Langenegger, Romeo Meyer
Performance/Artistic Oriol Escursell Domenech, Frank und Patrik Riklin, Andrea Vogel
Art/Photography/Video Johanna Knöpfle, Kristian Breitenbach, Susann Albrecht
Puppetry Frauke Jacobi
Production pARTner

Supported by Kanton St.Gallen, Swisslos, Stadt St.Gallen, Migros Kulturprozent, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung, Arnold Billwiller, Light Attack