Word acrobats, movement artists and sound manufacturers travel with the épisodes culturels through Switzerland. They stop at places they can’t get past: Libraries, swimming pools, museums, forest glades, churches, factories… No place is safe from them. They are inspired by the rooms, art and history and bring along from their repertoire the most brilliant stories, most exciting songs and most frenetic dances. Dialogues arise between spaces and the arts, between artists and the public and between artists and artists, in which all are reflected, reinforced and reinvented. A fresh look at things emerges, in a different way than before.

Curious, poetic, spectacular – and always to the point.

The épisodes culturels take place in changing spaces, which do not necessarily have to have a cultural background, but may have. The audience is invited to a change of perspective by breaking up the classical stage-spectator arrangement and opening up “new cultural spaces” and arrangements. épisodes culturels thus seeks real contact and intense moments between artist and audience.

Concept and Direction Ann Katrin Cooper
Projectmanagement Tobias Spori
Dance Tobias Spori, Joya Amélie Geiger, Vanessa Cook, Willi Brozmann, Son Le, Cecilia Wretemark, Jack Widdowson
Music Imelda Natter, Karl Schimke, Enrico Lenzin, David Maze, Marc Jenny, Greg Gates
Poetry/Acting Rosie Hörler, Marcus Schäfer
and many more…
Production pARTner
Supported by Kanton St.Gallen, Swisslos and City of St.Gallen