Our society. Much is written, discussed, blogged about her – and desperate about her. Heterogeneous postmodernism is a time in which everything seems possible: unlimited access to information, unlimited mobility, unlimited individualization, unlimited experiences… Previous limitations, points of reference, linear biographies, clear role models have disappeared.

We want to be everywhere and not miss anything. With the increasing number of options, uncertainty is growing to the same extent. A postmodern ‘Anything goes!’ took us by surprise and now we don’t know what to do. Total freedom creates fear of making the wrong decisions. She’s paralyzing us. We’re treading water.

The Panorama Dance Theater explores the extremes between which a whole generation seems to be torn. What are we rebelling against? Against traditions, against progressiveness, against a decline in values? Or do we want everything at once? Stay the perfect body and still be a man of pleasure? Your own family, but the freedom of being single? Ecological awareness, but still a fat SUV? Are we stuck between self-optimization and self-exploitation?

Artistic Direction Ann Katrin Cooper
Choreography Tobias Spori in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers Francesco Barba, Hella Immler, Tobias Spori, Claudia Voigt
Lightdesign Rolf Irmer
Sounddesign Ann Katrin Cooper
Soundtechnician Jerome Longhi
Production pARTner

Supported by City of St.Gallen, Canton St.Gallen, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung, Ortsbürgergemeinde St.Gallen, Arnold Billwiler Stiftung, Migros Kulturprozent