We wait. And no longer know ourselves why we only hope idly that things will get better. Waiting.

NOW. Now we need to get up, leave the familiar space – the rigidity, the silence, the transit. We need visions for the future. Because we know: it can’t go on like this. What keeps us from thinking concretely and radically? And to act?

In NOW. figures, seemingly out of time, dare to sketch their ideas and visions for the world of tomorrow. Outside the already known and at the risk of being seen as dreamy and naïve.
They ask themselves: What could happen? They rethink values, they share their ideas, they sharpen the notions of what could be.

Choreography Tobias Spori & team
Dramaturgy Ann Katrin Cooper
Set Design Caroline Stark
Ligthdesign Tobias Spori
Sounddesign Ann Katrin Cooper & team
Light and Assistant Nicole Kobler
Video Kristian Breitenbach
Photography Cyrill Hertz
Producer pARTner

Dancers Egon Gerber, Elina Kim, Marco Rizzi, Giulia Tornarolli, William Hayibor Venous

Co-produced by POOL – Space for the arts