An interdisciplinary play by Brigitte Knapp

In a meritocratic society, you can’t have any flaws; you are responsible for ensuring that life runs smoothly.
But SHE has an invisible mental illness that affects the whole person and yet shows no recognizable wounds. The appeal not to behave hysterically is obvious.

SHADWOS deals with the overtaxing of our society with the topic of depression. Almost every fifth person suffers from depression in their life, but the disease is still suppressed and marginalized by those affected and society. The text explores the tension between the visible and the invisible, between hope and fatalism, between understanding and incomprehension, and in an interplay of light and shadow describes a state for which we often lack the words.

Dialogues and text surfaces alternate – an ideal playground for the combination of spoken theatre and dance.

Text Brigitte Knapp
Director Katja Langenbach
Choreography Ensemble
Co-Choreography Martina Marin

Setdesign & Video Caroline Stark
Music Martin E. Greil
Luka Oberhammer, 
Brigitte Walk, Konrad Hochgruber, Martin Carnevali
Dancers Anastasia Kostner, Tobias Spori
Technic & Lightdesign Jan Paul Wielander
Producer Ann Katrin Cooper

A co-production of Panorama Dance Theater mit, Westbahntheater Innsbruck, Tanzschmiede Meran